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6 Ways To Launch Your Photography Brand After A Content Workshop — And Flourish!

September 14, 2023

My biggest tip on how to launch your photography brand? Build up some incredible content in a photography workshop! You need to put in the preparation and hard yards before announcing your brand to the world so that your creativity, passion, and professionalism shines through.

What Is The Purpose Of A Photography Workshop?

Investing in a photography education workshop is one of THE best ways to ensure you’re well-positioned before launching your own kickass brand. I can’t stress this enough! Here’s how it can be so beneficial …

1. Build That Portfolio

Your portfolio is the single most important selling tool and many people attend a photography content workshop just to build one. The techniques you learn and incredible images you make set you up for success with an awesome gallery to show prospective clients. 

Having better images gives you the chance to book better (and higher-paying) clients — and it can make your website and marketing material really pop! Photography workshops to build content are growing in popularity just for this reason. 

2. Learn From An Expert While Honing Your Own Style

A damn good workshop leader (oh, hey there 🙂) will share their hard-earned knowledge and make sure everyone gets the level of support they need to supercharge their skill set. 

You’ll get a good grounding — and even master technical skills! — while developing your own vision, creative insight, and personal style.

3. Sharpen Your Tech Knowledge 

Every profession — including the wonderful world of photography — relies on a good foundation of technical knowledge and basic understanding. 

A workshop will help you learn correct exposure, how to use filters, and every function of the powerful and complicated digital cameras out there! 

4. Get Your Hands On Valuable Constructive Criticism

A workshop can sometimes serve as an editorial photoshoot, which is one way to answer the question many budding photographers ask: how do you create photography content?! 

Feedback from a knowledgeable photographer (and from peers) can give insight into how others perceive your work and how you can improve your photography. 

Conversations between the group and the instructor are all learning experiences. Don’t be afraid of criticism. It might make you cringe (I get it) but SEEK it out. You could learn what you’re doing wrong and how you can improve. That’s invaluable! 

News about the latest technology in photography is often covered in these workshops as well as the latest trends in different fields of photography — and that’s also very helpful. 

5. Test Drive New Gear

People shoot with a range of different gear at workshops, which can help you decide on particular equipment you might be thinking about purchasing. 

Choose your fighter! Some shoot Nikon, some Canon, some Sony, and so on. If you’ve been eyeing that new Sony mirrorless, taking a workshop may allow you to try it out. 

Another option is to rent a lens or body for your workshop to take it out for a test drive. You can get used to how it functions in an informal environment with others there that can help you figure out the ins and outs of your rented equipment before you buy.

6. Level Up Your Skills And Confidence

Why do you need to invest in your education? Because the more you know, the better you get, and the more you can charge in your business. A new skill can up your game and really grow your photography biz!!! 

Whether it’s a new way of posing, better lighting techniques, or even learning how to build your business through marketing and better business practices, taking workshops is a way to earn more moolah.

Once you’ve built up the content from a photography workshop, you’ll be much better placed to understand how to launch your photography brand with confidence. Here are some clever things you can do before you properly launch your photography biz!

How To Launch Your Photography Brand

1. Shout It From The (Social Media) Rooftops

Everyone loves an origin story — just look at the superhero movies! Look, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have — everyone starts out at zero. 

If you’re thinking, how do I introduce my photography business?, what matters is that you take your audience with you on your journey. It can (and should) even begin while you’re AT the photography workshop. Share behind-the-scenes images and videos, what you learned during the day, and what excited you most. 

The awesome thing about social media? It’s free (yes, please!) and easy to get started. Instagram is the top lead gen tool for wedding photographers — especially new photographers — so if you’re not set up yet, get on it!

The challenge with social media is to post regularly. Consistency is key!!! Once you’re up and running, start looking at image layout, the use of negative space, and colours.

2. Curate Your Website To Attract Your Dream Clients

It might sound like it will limit you, but the more specific you are in your style and persona on your website, the more likely you are going to make a strong impression with the people who count. Be strategic about it. If you’re asking yourself, how do I launch a website with a bang? THIS is how.

Think about the style you love, but also consider what will have a market. The cross-section of what you love and what others want is the sweet spot. Make sure that you clearly communicate this direction and that everything speaks to the style you want to project. 

Remember, you’re selling a dream. Let the imagery be aspirational and take your viewer on a journey by including mood shots, styling details, and a few bridal and couple portraits! 

3. Launch A Blog

When it comes to strategising how to launch your photography brand, blogs are honestly the best way to share your journey while also letting clients in on what you learn and discover along the way! 

People love to read about personal development and the swings and roundabouts of starting out in a new career. The more honest you are, the more relatable it will be. That’s often the most challenging part about starting a blog — deciding on how honest you can be and how much of your inner journey you want to share. 

But the more you let people in, the more real it will be and the more useful it will be for your readers. Blogs are a great way to leverage your editorial photography content from your workshop!  You could conduct interviews, share your favourite tips you learned, or write about more general lessons. 

4. Follow Up With Your New Network

Networking is such a powerful aspect of growing a small business and being able to connect with new people and help them is a sure way to also help yourself! By networking, you’re able to enter into people’s orbit of thought so that when they need to refer to a photographer they just might think of you. 

And remember, you can network with almost ANYONE. Don’t limit your network just to photographers! You can also strike up relationships with venues, planners, stylists, florists, celebrants, and videographers. 

If you’re attending a workshop, connect with everyone on social (and in real life too, because by helping others we can help ourselves — it’s all connected).

5. Back Yourself

Once you’ve been to a workshop, built your website, launched your social media channels, and put yourself out there it’s time to fake it til you make it. 

Every wedding photographer starts out with no experience! Besides, experience isn’t the most important factor when it comes to photography. Can you get the shot? Yes? Then you’re good enough to shoot the wedding and that’s all that really matters. 

Use the images from the content workshop to open doors with clients. Let them fall in love with your work and let it flow from there! By believing in yourself, others will naturally believe in you too. You’ve got this.

6. Create A Newsletter

Email marketing is a powerful tool that’s often overlooked. No matter what type of photography you specialise in, email marketing can help you promote your offer and maintain a healthy relationship with your clients (and prospective ones). 

That’s the key word here — relationship. By constantly popping into people’s inboxes and reminding them of your passion, what makes you unique (and your mad skills), you remain top of mind and will be their go-to person when they need a photographer or need to recommend one! Nurturing existing leads through email marketing can also save you money on advertising.  🤑

A solid email marketing plan paired with a professional photography website AND a consistent social media presence will propel you down the right path!


Those are my top tips on how to launch your photography brand — and THRIVE — after a banging content workshop! Want to put this into practice? I’ve got you. Get in touch as I offer lots of ways for you to upskill, from fun workshops to 1-to-1 coaching!

The BEST way to get those creative juices flowing, improve your skills, and connect with other inspiring photographers? Join my upcoming workshop! And if you can’t make that one, join the waitlist.