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Photography Workshops: The Benefits Of Attending IN-PERSON

September 15, 2023

Pyjamas are comfortable, there’s really no denying it. But to create something TRULY special and progress — and I’m as disappointed as you are about this — you need to put on actual pants and get out into the world to get hands-on experience. The best way to do that? photography workshops … IN PERSON. 

Who Are Photography Workshops For?

Who exactly can benefit from photography workshops? Are there just photography workshops for beginners? 

Basically, they’re for anyone looking to level up their skillset, build on their portfolio, get familiar with new gear, broaden their horizons, and meet other passionate photographers. Anyone — from absolute beginners to life-long pros — can benefit immensely from the learning, networking, and lighting of a spark that the best photography workshops offer. 

So, what can you gain by attending a photography workshop?

The ways you stand to benefit are actually immeasurable because — and I’ve seen this so many times — by going to a workshop you meet this person who introduces you to that person who then sees your new portfolio and this other job comes from it. 

If you were to deconstruct much of the work that is generated within the industry you would not believe how much of it has roots in a workshop! The seeds of many careers have been sown in a workshop. 

What Are The Benefits Of Photography Workshops?

Direct Learning & Feedback

Being able to look over the shoulder of your instructor (or even your fellow workshoppers) and see the settings we’re using, the angle we’re shooting from, and discuss different approaches to photography are some of the great benefits of attending a workshop! It’s those little things that add up to big improvements. 

Even better? You’ll get direct feedback from the instructor on what you’re doing and how you can improve. That 1-on-1 experience is the best learning environment there is! This feedback is critical to any photographer’s growth. Conversations, learning, and ideas all flow much more freely in person.


Rubbing lens straps with fellow photographers is an immensely useful byproduct of an in-person workshop and SO many opportunities can spring from it! 

The nature of what we do — and the spirit of photography itself — encourages collaboration and helping each other out. I love this aspect of being a photographer! And I love the community culture that photographers naturally possess. 

Even for professionals, workshops are an awesome opportunity to pick up new knowledge or brush up on old ideas in the company of like-minded creatives!

Learning From Your Peers

This goes two ways actually. Firstly, the photographer beside you almost definitely knows something you don’t — especially when it comes to their gear or their chosen niche.

And secondly, research shows that the best way to remember what you’ve just been taught is to pass it on yourself and discuss it with the person next to you. That’s a key part of the benefits of in-person training. For example, seeing the same image shot through a different lens is a wonderful way to learn and understand your style.

Fire Up Your Passion

There’s nothing more inspiring and motivating than to spend time with people who share your interest! Egging each other on, learning together, brainstorming and bouncing ideas off of each other is such a fun and inspiring way to ignite creativity!

Even seasoned photographers can find new inspiration and drive, and it may even encourage photographers from different professions to try something they haven’t done before.

Build Your Portfolio

You could be three months or 30 years into a photography career, but it’s always good to add fresh shots to your portfolio. You’ll walk away from a workshop with enough material to have a badass portfolio — and that in itself is incredibly valuable!

What Type Of Photography Workshops Are Available?

Just like Netflix movies and pizza varieties, not all workshops are created equally. And so it can be tricky sometimes to know which photography workshop you’ll benefit from most! 

Firstly, you can choose between in-person and online workshops. While in-person workshops normally cost more and involve the whole pants thing, I hope you now understand why they offer much more value 🙂

The next question is: which in-person workshop is right for you? That comes down to the photographer, what they offer, and the style of the workshop. Do your homework on the instructing photographer. Have a look at their website and Instagram. Do you like their work? Do they have a solid career? If it aligns with what you’re doing or you can see the value and beauty in their work, that’s a good start. 

What about the style of the workshop? For example, I offer wedding photography courses and there are plenty of other options out there. There are event photography retreats out there too! Have a good look and choose what feels right for you. 


Start your search with a look at the content creation workshop I offer! I’ve leaned on my years of experience to create wedding photography workshops I wish I had when starting out. Get in touch for more info or join the workshop waitlist here.