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Social Media Content Ideas for Photographers

August 12, 2023

There are two ways to go about creating engaging social media posts. You can do it willy-nilly, coming up with ideas on the spot, sporadically posting your work. Or you can be organised, producing work as wonderful and synchronised as ducks in a flying V. The best way to come up with social media content ideas is to go in with a plan and choose a theme (or a series) you can follow! 

Let’s be real, most of the ideas we have arrive half-baked. The best ideas — creative and innovative — need time to incubate and develop. A hunch plus a hunch equals a breakthrough. 

These days, through social media posts we have so many ways to connect, and so many ways to reach out and discover other new ideas! Steven Johnson has been pondering the question of where good ideas come from, and he says “Chance favours the connected mind.” That applies to all creatives, but is worth noting, especially for photographers!

So don’t be afraid to look and see what others are doing, get inspired, and then do your own thing. Here are some useful tips for photographers when coming up with social media post ideas.

1. Give Personal Introductions

The great thing about photography and social media is that you have the opportunity to let your light shine! And that’s exactly what your followers want to see. They want to know who you are, what makes you tick, and the why and the how of the photos you take. 

So give insights into your posts and give them introductions that allow your personality to SHINE, baby!

2. Share Behind The Scenes

The story behind the story is often the better one! Especially for your followers who appreciate your work and want to know how you do it. Some photographers create entire accounts just about their work behind the scenes. 

If you throw in useful tips and secret hacks, these can do especially well. This brings me to my next point…

3. Share Something Valuable

Yes, your followers — and potential followers — want to see your beautiful images but if you can help them learn something about photography or what you do, then you’re really providing something valuable. And providing value is the quickest, most reliable way to build a following. 

4. Answer A FAQ

What’s great about this is that, again, it shows the person behind the account — you! Think about it, when you’re able to engage with someone, ask them a question AND they respond, then you’ve created a genuine connection and that is a follower for life. 

So stick some questions on your stories and photography social media posts and answer them. Show your followers the real you.

5. Share Recent Work With A Story Behind It

As a photographer and content creator, everyone wants to know: what are you working on next? The wonderful thing about social media is its immediacy and the ability to show your next piece of work now. 

Not only that, but through reels and stories you can explain the story behind the work, the inspiration and rationale for it, and that’s where the true magic lies.

6. Challenge Myths About Photography

You want to know a really effective way to get noticed? When everyone else zigs, you zag. 

So don’t be afraid to stick your neck out and challenge the accepted wisdom — because if it’s valid and smart, or even just thought provoking, it will stop people in their tracks.

These are the types of social media posts for photographers that get people talking!

7. Share Client Testimonials

Testimonials are the best sales tool. They’re extremely powerful because they provide credibility and establish trust. When you’ve offered value to your followers you then have earned the chance to sell yourself a little through client testimonials!

8. Link To Your Latest Blog Post

This is a double whammy, and who doesn’t love those? You get to promote your blog post and you have something of value to share on your socials. Make sure the blog post is easy to find on your account and make the title and post as enticing as possible. 

These eight tips will provide a road map for posting content and perfecting social media for photographers. But remember the vital rule is to ensure you have it planned out beforehand so you can keep the posts coming and put you on a path to making it as a photographer. 

That’s exactly what I help with. As a Melbourne wedding photographer with years of experience, I can help you make a career out of your photography passion with my one-to-one coaching. To find out more, simply pop me a message and I’ll tell you more about what I do and exactly how you can make it in this amazing industry. Or check out my new Raw to Reel course for Instagram, which will help you go from amateur to pro!