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How To Create Unique Wedding Guides That Convert – With Studio Leelou

June 20, 2023

Photography Education, Mentoring and Coaching

In music, you first need to learn to play the instruments well before you can splash your own creativity onto the sound. The same applies to making websites and all the supporting assets like wedding planning guides! The pages should be appealing and beautiful but they gotta do their job of converting the customer – enticing them to take action. This is the challenge of design and something that Studio Leelou really excels at.

Remember: Good Design Converts!

Studio Leelou was built on the basis of creating design that is not only beautiful but also emotive – their slogan is ‘Where design meets heart’. Their web designs are whimsical and alluring in a very original way (which I LOVE) but also, vitally, it improves my client experience. That’s why I chose one of their templates for my own wedding, pricing and album guides!

If you’re looking to create a wedding planning guides or a photography pricing guide, I can’t recommend them highly enough. With unique layouts, rotating images, gorgeous sketches and an engaging user experience, their designs have been an essential part of the success of my website! Yeah, it looks damn good, but it also converts and generates an impressive amount of leads. This is the core feature of great design: achieving what it sets out to do!

Get Your Hands On Awesome Digital Resources

One of the reasons I like Studio Leelou is that you can see the care and attention that goes into their work – every single product has been thoughtfully created. Every single line, colour, font and element has been considered. 

The founder Leelou started as a wedding photographer herself so she gets you!! She innately understands what a photographer’s website and customised guides need to look like and do. 

Along the way, she gained a wealth of knowledge and insights into the intricacies of the wedding photography industry and market. Her passion has now moved to crafting exceptional digital resources for other talented wedding photographers. Check them out here!

It’s All About The Client Experience 

If your website is easy to understand, flows smoothly, and has gorgeous photos then clients will feel that working with you will be the same! 

That’s why a good website for a wedding photographer is so vital – it mirrors the experience and photos that your clients will receive. The same goes for any guides you share with your clients – they become one more important touchpoint in your sales funnel. 

That’s why I am such a fan of Studio Leelou because the templates and guides they provide really set you above your competition and help you smash your goals. Their custom products are all thoughtfully designed for photographers to convert visitors into clients and grow their business!

Studio Leelou Wedding Guides & PDFs I’m Obsessed With 

What also elevates their designs and guides is that they’re easy to customise and very simple to use. Their templates provide clear information on pricing for prospective clients, help you increase sales, and prepare your clients on what to expect. These three guide templates are especially useful:

Album Showcase & Sales Guides

These gorgeous album showcase pages will help you increase your album sales, which can be a major boost to your photography biz! Studio Leelou has 11 templates to choose from and all can effortlessly be added to any Showit site.  

Price & Information Guides

Thoughtfully created, these Price & Information Guides help you provide clear information on pricing to prospective clients, removing the time-consuming back-and-forth (yes please), and it can be another impressive touchpoint for your brand. Boom!

NEW: Wedding Planning Guides

These wedding client guides are brand spankin’ new and coming in HOT!!! They’re pretty insane in their detail and professionalism, allowing you to really impress your clients and put their minds at ease. 

This plug-and-play wedding guide template will shave hours off your workflow (and minimise the inbox chatter) in the lead-up to their big day, telling them exactly what to expect. 

Other Awesome Templates

Studio Leelou also offers a range of Showit website designs and brand assets (font, colour, Insta templates) which can be really useful in creating your brand aesthetic. The importance of brand consistency is often overlooked so don’t skip this part!


Creating a stunning website that converts is a non-negotiable for a wedding photographer. That’s step one in building your kickass wedding photography biz. But what comes next? There’s marketing, networking, using the right gear and working with clients. It can sometimes be overwhelming to take on all the challenges – I feel you!

That’s where my photography courses come in. I offer expert 1:1 photography coaching and workshops for photographers like you to help kickstart your dream gig and make a living doing it! Contact me to chat about how I can help you and give you ALL the photography website tips you’re looking for.