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How To Create A Client Guide That Converts

October 22, 2023

Working with a pro — in any industry — who’s honest and open can feel like an island of safety in a sea of confusion. That’s what a good wedding photography client guide can be! This blog is about how to create a client guide that converts potential clients into ones that BOOK with you. How?? Be upfront with them about the whole process, show them your best work, and they will be drawn to working with you. Show ‘em what you got!

While most photographers use a photography client guide for clients who’ve already booked, it can also be used as a way to get new prospects to book with you. Imagine their journey: When someone lands on your website, they’re probably in the research phase and having a look around for the right photographer that vibes with them. 

A photography client welcome guide can be offered as a free resource for couples who are in the dreamy (and perhaps slightly overwhelming) phase of planning their wedding — not just photography, but the whole shebang. It positions you as an expert who has a deep understanding of the process and gives your clients confidence, trust, and reassurance. 

Not only can it win them over for you but it frees up tons of your time by answering all your FAQs upfront. Your goal should be to create such an incredible client experience that clients become lifelong customers and refer you to everyone they know! 

What Should Be Included In A Client Guide? 

The purpose of a client guide is to convert website visitors into booked clients. This is how you can improve your chances of that happening and how to create a client guide: 

Offer Valuable Information

Give them alllll the info they might need, so you have everything covered. A photography client guide template can be used to answer all the burning questions. They’ll feel reassured and know what to expect right off the bat, which will lead them to make a decision.

Emphasise Your Expertise & Authority 

This is the PERFECT way to prove your credibility. You’ve got the answers, you’ve done this before, and you’re even giving them suggested vendors and venues. BAM! This builds trust with prospective clients from the start and will help them feel confident and relaxed. 

Sharing a vendors list — recommendations of venues, florists, event planners, make-up artists — is so useful to couples that they’re often encouraged to move ahead with the booking.

Provide THE Ideal User Experience

By answering their questions ahead of time, not only do you not need to answer questions via email, but they don’t need to ask them and the user journey is much more seamless. People appreciate a slick product and if it’s effective they will be more than likely ready to book. 

Grab Those Emails

Make sure you collect their email when they sign up for the free guide! This will let you connect with them through your monthly newsletter or a personal message. When you do email them, provide even more tips, maybe share your latest blog post, and offer a special discount or invite them to have a call and chat about their plans.

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Upsell Your Other Services

An added (and potentially lucrative 🤑) bonus of creating a client guide photography is that it can be used to upsell your other services like videography or premium products such as special albums. You’ve got their attention, so put it to good use!!


New visitors who land on your website are most likely potential clients, interested in your services. A wedding guide template can be used to get your foot in the door and help you stand out from the crowd!! Explore my wedding photography workshops and 1-to-1 coaching to get going on all the essential biz stuff and have fun doing it!