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centred on you and your success

Real AF Education

I’ve coached hundreds of creatives outta their ruts - after pivoting my photography biz from borderline bankruptcy to consistent $300k+ years.  

No smoke and mirrors here, baby!

As self-critical creatives, we rarely acknowledge our achievements and tend to get caught up in the comparison cycle. Nothing’s ever “good enough” because you know the ceiling on your potential is sky high and the only thing that’s stopping you from reaching it is you.

So, I want you to give yourself a high-five, do a happy dance, and look in the mirror and say “F*CK YEAH, I’VE GOT THIS!!!” Go on, do it. Like right now. Seriously. Please. DO 👏 IT 👏 NOW 👏.

Done? Thanks for indulging me, proud of you, bestie

Okaaay, let’s get back to it, shall we? 

I’ve been photographing weddings since 2013, but when the time came for me to leap headfirst into becoming a full-time entrepreneur, I was TERRIFIED. For a long time, it seemed almost impossible because I struggled to find the tools and knowledge I needed to succeed, financially, mentally and emotionally. 

I know first-hand how much it sucks when you’re trying to figure out all the things, from booking clients to juggling your schedule and managing your finances, just to stay afloat. Sacrificing sleep and your personal life, you put everything on the line. 

Before we continue, I want you to take this moment to pause, reflect, and be flippin’ proud of YOU.

A professional, award-winning wedding photographer, business marketing fanatic, wife, dog mum, meme queen, and escape room fiend - based in Melbourne, Australia. 

A self-declared rebel - I skipped photography school and got a degree in mind-reading Psychology instead - but who needs a fancy-schmancy piece of paper when you've got mad communication skills, an uncanny ability to feel the vibe of a room, an obsession for learning, and actual on-the-ground experience, right? 

And now, I’m ready to pour all my hard-earned knowledge, skills, and 10+ years of biz experience into YOU and YOUR BIZ!


I’M ASH, your soon-to-be biz BFF! 

600+ weddings photographed

how many clients?

A full decade in the biz

Social media, content creation + photography

what is your speciality?

Client experience + marketing

fave thing to teach?

how many years?

Here's the TL;DR

Don’t wait around for success to come knocking on your door 

An open book, I don’t believe in hoarding all my knowledge. We’ll leave that to the Grinch, k?

Don’t be fooled by my (or anyone else’s) highlight reel. It often isn’t as pretty or as effortless as it looks behind closed doors - ugly crying, self-pity parties, burnt-out rage fits and using my doggos as therapy - yeah, been there, done that…and let’s be honest, sometimes still do it. LOL. 

But I will say this: I’ve worked bloody hard to get to where I am today and I’m proud of how far I’ve come.

I want your biz to thrive beyond your wildest imagination so you can blitz through your financial goals

 and live the life you’ve always craved.

Since then, I’ve taken what I learned from my own struggles as a budding entrepreneur, turning it into 600+ weddings booked and photographed across three continents. Today, my business allows me to travel internationally for work while enjoying a well-deserved holiday, which sometimes feels too good to be true. 

Whether you need help setting up your biz systems, want to level up your editing game, ready to dive into the latest marketing strategies, or just have burning questions you need answers to, hiring a mentor will remove those roadblocks so you can keep progressing. 


It wasn’t until I invested in my own mentors and education that I really grew and flourished, in my business and as a person. 


Grab it by the horns, take control

Investing in a mentor who truly gets you is key to unlocking your business’s potential. And while I don't often take myself too seriously, I'm serious AF about earning your trust. 

I care deeply about creating a dope experience and nurturing a strong relationship with you - while helping you to achieve monster results.

Whether you're a total newbie or a seasoned pro, you deserve to become your best self and create the future you’ve always dreamed of. 

I’ll hold your hand as much or as little as you like

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